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LINARI`S finest fragrances  

Pure Purism and an exclusive design combined with extravagant ingredients are the attributes that characterize the brand of LINARI. The team of Bergamotte is therefore more than delighted to welcome this breathtaking brand into the portfolio and to introduce LINARI`S finest fragrances as the official distributor to the Ukrainian market.



UERMI - Now available in Germany  

The innovative Italian brand, which combines perfumes with fabrics in their unique concept, is now also available in selected points of sale in Germany. You may find the list of retailers with the multifaceted fragrances in our “Partner“ section. We are delighted and happy to represent the brand on the German market and will continue to support it with passion.


Official Launch of Miya Shinma Parfums in Germany  

Miya Shinma, the creative Parisian perfumer with Japanese roots,  finally has introduced her extraordinary creations to the German audience and gave the attending guests and exclusive insight into her extraordinary olfactive world. 10 breathtaking fragrances, all reflecting the fusion of two perfume cultures - the luxurious French and the mystic Japanese- are now available in Germany. As the official distributor on the German market Bergamotte GmbH is very pleased to be present with this exquisite brand in Düsseldorf at Beauty Affair.


Uermi - New brand in our Portfolio  

Perfume and fabric - both share an intimate closeness with our skin. Both are worn by us, and through both, our personality is refined or strengthened. In this way, the name UERMI , the phonetic WEAR ME , is a symbolic conclusion for the fragrances of the brand. Bergamotte welcomes UERMI with great anticipation to its portfolio and takes over the distribution for the German market.


Hayari Paris New Oud 

New Oud by Hayari Paris, a real blend between east and west! The founders of Hayari Paris, Nabil Hayari and Hugues Alard presented their own interpretation of Oud at Brocard in Kiev. Combined with the tender fragrance of tuberose, this unique Oud perfume opens up an enigmatic world that draws you into its spell with its captivating scent. The team of Bergamotte was truly happy to launch the new fragrance in cooperation with Brocard in Ukraine.


Hayari Paris in the Netherlands 

Hayari Paris and the sensual scents of the Parisian haute couture brand now also conquer the Dutch market. We congratulate the team of Retreat NL on a successful opening and to the launch of the Hayari Paris fragrances in their new store in Rotterdam!


Bergamotte at the Mérite Europèen award  

Bergamotte was truly venerated to be invited by the Mérite Europèen to the honour of Prof. Dr. phil. h.c. Dr. phil. h.c. Moritz Hunzinger for his services to Europe.  We congratulate Prof. Dr. Hunzinger and wish him all the best in all future projects.  As CEO of Bergamotte, Alexandra Willmann is not only a spokesperson in the world of fragrances, but is through business and politically also committed to carry the European values into the world.



Miya Shinma PARFUMS in Germany 

The team of Bergamotte is delighted to welcome Miya Shinma to further exclusive perfumeries in Germany. The exquisite fragrances not only contain precious ingredients, but also combine the Japanese philosophy of scents with  the French perfume craftsmanship. The fragrances are now also available in Nuremberg, at Galerie Parfum and at Meister Parfümerie in Hamburg.


PITTI Fragranze in Florenz 

Das Team von Bergamotte war zu Besuch auf der PITTI Fragranze, eine der renommiertesten Messen für exklusive Parfümerie und Hautpflege. Unter vielen interessanten Austellern waren auch einige Marken aus unserem Portfolio zugegen, unter anderem auch Kajal Perfumes, die Bergamotte bald im ukrainischen Markt repräsentieren wird.


Miya Shinma PARFUMS in Germany 

Experience with Miya Shinma PARFUMS scents that seem to be beyond this world.
Miya Shinma was born in Japan and learned the craft of perfumery in France. Being from these diverse two worlds, she realized her dream of creating a perfume brand that is inspired by the traditional Japanese perfume culture. We are pleased to finally welcome Miya Shinma and her exquisite creations to Germany. In Hamburg at MEISTER Parfümerie the Japanese perfume creator personally presented her line and granted us a short olfactory insight into the traditional, past and still timelessly modern Japan.

For more information about Miya Shinma PARFUMS:  or


Hayari Paris with BROCARD

Important Guests! On July 26 Nabil Hayari, celebrated designer of haute couture house Hayari and Hugues Alard, CEO of the brand, visited Ukraine. Among other things both guests stopped by our local team in the „Perfume & Cosmetics Store-BROCARD" – located in the "Department Store Ukraine“. Bergamotte, as well as our partners in Ukraine very much look forward to launch Hayari's newest scent „New Oud“ in autumn 2016 and to enrich Hayari`s perfume collection with another masterpiece.


Moana Skincare Presentation

in Munich on 1 July 2016


Mark Buxton – Launch Event in Ukraine

With excitement we announce the successful launch of Mark Buxton Perfumes in Ukraine. In the elegant ambience of the Brocard–Store (ТЦ «Универмаг «Украина» BROCARD) the grandmaster himself not only presented his collection of scents, but also introduced the audience to his new perfume
“A Day In My Life”.
We are very happy to support this unique brand on its road to new and successful adventures!


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